donderdag 24 januari 2013

Me, myself & my ongles (nails)

The ones who already know me, know that I've been crazy about nails, nail art and nail polishes. The last few weeks my nails suddenly became extremely brittle and they all broke off.. which was a horrible experience for me, because I refuse to polish itty bitty boy nails. 

So yesterday I decided to get a manicure and added some length to my nails with some subtle stiletto tips. I'm in love!
I picked a dark OPI red but am really brainstorming what to do to give these nails my own twist (1 color on all 10 nails really REALLY bores me). 

So I wanted to ask for recommendations.. what would you like to see on these nails or what would you do? Gradient nails, gradient tips, stripes, polka dots, glitter, herringbone pattern, halfmoon mani, what what what?
Here are some pics of me and my nails. Let me know what you would recommend! (cry for help)

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